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Batters are often the biggest stars of world cricket. Virat Kohli, Joss Buttler, Joe Root and Kane Williamson are some of the big stars of batting today.


Great batters make it look easy, but there are a lot of technical skills involved. Mastery is the result of hours upon hours of focused practice.

The Drive: watch video (Asics) - click here 

The Pull: watch video (BBC) - click here 

The Cut: watch video (BBC) - click here 

Back Foot Defence: watch video (BBC) - click here

Forward Defence: watch video (BBC) - click here

The Power Shot: watch video (Asics) - click here

Key shots for batting - watch videos

When you first go into bat: download some tips for how to get your innings started - click here

Batting Core Shots chart: identify your most important shots and how well you play them - click here

The Power of the Single: never underestimate the value of running singles - click here

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Crucial for good batting is a good 'set up' (how you stand at the moment the bowler releases the ball). Set ups differ between batters to some extent, but there are some core (non-negotiable) points. These include:


- Keeping eyes level and head still

- Correct grip and keeping hand close together on the bat handle

- Being well-balanced and comfortable

- Having correct bat pick up ('backlift')


Download a sheet on key points for set up - click here 

Watch a video on tips for set up (BBC) - click here

Batting 'set up'

Batting Skills