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Fielding Skills

Fielding is one of the major area of the game. Ability to execute skills can win a game - a great catch or run out can be as valuable as taking a vital wicket with your bowling or scoring important runs.


Importantly, good fielding skills and the right attitude when fielding can make the difference in deciding who is selected for a high standard team. Being a great fielder can make a major difference to how far you progress in the game and can keep you in a team even if you aren't scoring a lot of runs or taking a lot of wickets.


Download a short document identifying the ideal attitude for fielding - click here

Core fielding skills - watch videos

Use the links below to watch videos on some of the core fielding skills


Catching: watch video on basic technique for catching (BBC) - click here

Outfielding: watch video on basic technique for outfielding (Asics) - click here

Underarm flick: watch a video on basic technique for the underarm flick (Asics) - click here

Wicketkeeping: watch a video on basic technique for wicketkeeping (BBC) - click here

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