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Bowling - Finger spin (off-spin)

Finger-spin bowlers are slow bowlers who use their fingers to generate revolutions on the ball, so that when it pitches, it 'spins' off the wicket.


Right arm finger spinners are known as off-spinners and try to get the ball to move from the off-side to leg-side against a right handed batter. Left arm finger spinners attempt to spin the ball the other way (from leg-side to off-side against a right handed batter).


Good finger spinners will generate quite a lot of spin. They will also attempt to flight the ball in the air and vary their pace to get the batter to play a false shot.


Finger spinners should always aim to pitch the ball up, fairly close to the batter to get them to try to drive.


Watch the video below for finger-spin basics (to watch this video on BBC website - click here)