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Bowling - Target bowling

Accuracy is the most important thing to be an effective bowler. Whether you are a spinner or a pace bowler, Target Bowling is the best way to practice accuracy


You can practice Target Bowling by yourself:


- Set down some cones or other markers on the wicket in the area you are aiming to hit (for Colts, this should be between about 5-8 feet in front of the where the batter stands near the line of the off stump)


- Run up and bowl at full pace, repeating until you hit the markers consistently


- For variation set down other markers for bowling to a left-hander or for bowling a Yorker. If you are practising with a friend then have a Target Bowling competition to see who can hit the marker most often.


The more you practice, the more frequently you will hit the target and the better bowler you will become.

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